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ANNUAL REVIEW Annual review 2011-2012 OVERVIEW This review covers the period 1 September 2011 to 31 August 2012. Following the organisational restructure of the companies during the previous year, we have taken the opportunity this year to evaluate and rationalise our internal operational structure; we have appointed a dedicated Office Manager and a Professional Development and Membership Services Officer, and we have carried out an audit of our IT systems. We are also undertaking a major review of the location and accommodation of the Institute (CIOL and the IoL Educational Trust ��� IoLET), giving consideration to future accommodation requirements and protection of the Institute���s assets. The Institute���s two operating entities ��� the CIOL and IoLET ��� both returned a modest surplus for the financial year and we continue to focus attention on replenishing our reserves. Continuing global economic uncertainty has led to a slight dip in membership numbers and has also impacted on the number of candidates taking the Diploma in Translation (DipTrans) and the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI), the two major examinations offered by IoLET. Membership During the year under review we welcomed 433 new members and re-instated 42 former members. The MCIL category is the most popular grade, and the trend of Associates upgrading to full Membership has continued. The membership team continued to invite new holders of the DipTrans and the DPSI to apply for membership, with a gratifyingly positive response. As usual, the Institute had a stand at the Language Show, which was held at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London, in October. The event was very busy and more than 300 people visited the Institute���s stand, where members of staff, members of Council and other volunteers were on hand to give information and advice. In July, the Chartered Institute (CIOL) and the IoL Educational Trust (IoLET) exhibited jointly at the LLAS Language Futures: Languages in Higher Education conference at the University of Vol/51 No/6 2012 Edinburgh. Around 100 delegates ��� lecturers in Higher Education ��� attended this event. In addition, both Membership and IoLET staff have visited a number of UK universities and colleges throughout the year, promoting the benefits of membership and examinations to language students. Membership figures (as at end of August 2012; August 2011 in brackets) Honorary Fellows 49 (48) Honorary Members 3 (3) Fellows 328 (339) Members 4,185 (4,282) Associates 1,367 (1,497) Affiliates 23 (32) Registered Students 104 (80) TOTAL 6,059 (6,281) Members��� Day The Institute���s Members��� Day was held on 17 September at the University of Durham. The event was very well received, and attendees appreciated that the Institute had held the event We continue to forge links with other language organisations and groups, and held a joint event with the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and the European Commission in July. The Institute has also been closely involved in discussions arising from the framework agreement for the provision of interpreters in the criminal justice system, which came into force early in 2012. Regular readers of The Linguist will be aware that our journal celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012 with a series of five articles, one for each decade, and the launch of the publication online. Alexandra Jones left the post of Chief Executive at the end of December 2011 and, in January 2012, Hilary Maxwell-Hyslop (Director of Examinations) and Alan Peacock (Director of Membership) were appointed as Joint Acting Chief Executive Officers. Tony Bell resigned as Chair of Council in February 2012, and Keith Moffitt was elected as his successor. At the AGM in March, Dr Nicholas Bowen was elected President, succeeding Lady (Tessa) Brewer, who had served as our President since 2008. outside London again. Members had the opportunity to attend two seminars during the morning session. In the afternoon, the Threlford Memorial Lecture was delivered by Richard Hardie, Vice Chair of UBS Ltd, on the subject of ���Businesses, Languages and the State���. The day ended with a reception, at which members could enjoy spectacular views of Durham���s cathedral and castle from the balcony of the Calman Learning Centre. Rates & Salaries Survey In 2010, a Working Group was set up by the CIOL and the ITI to carry out a joint Rates and Salaries Survey for translators and interpreters. After a great deal of preparatory work, the online survey went live in August 2011; by the closing date in October 2011, more than 1,750 submissions had been received. Following close analysis and consolidation of the data, the Master Report was published in March by both institutes. A summary was published on the websites of the CIOL and ITI, as well as in The Linguist and the ITI Bulletin. Thanks are due to the members of the Working Group, who gave many hours of their time in the production of the survey. Divisions and societies In September 2011, the Business Professions and Government (BPG) Division organised a tour of the Houses of Parliament, followed, in November 2011, by a visit to Rolls-Royce in Derby. In April 2012 the division sponsored a training course in Cross-Cultural Competence, and, in May, its members visited the Charterhouse for a musical tour, with entertainment from the Thomas Sutton Singers. The Interpreting Division hosted an event entitled ���Interpreting in the Media��� in November 2011. Guest speakers covered issues such as the demands of short-notice live media work, pre-assignment DECEMBER/JANUARY The Linguist 31

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