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30 The Linguist Vol/57 No/2 2018 OPINION & COMMENT Email with your views We've been wringing our hands for ages. We'll go on wringing our hands. Sadly, to no avail. The dire situation of modern language teaching and learning is going to get even worse. It's a crying shame. It's a disaster. It's a tragedy. Whole generations of young people are being deprived of the life-enhancing possibilities of being able to communicate in a language other than their own and of discovering the variety and richness of other cultures. Despite the efforts of huge numbers of individuals and myriad pressure groups, the government continues to ignore the clamour for language skills to be central to the educational curriculum at all levels. I've never known such a dismal prospect since I started language teaching in the mid 60s, when foreign languages really were an important part of a rounded education. I despair. David Smith FCIL STAR LETTER Continue the discussion online @Linguist_CIOL #TheLinguist Star letter This issue's Star Letter writer wins the new bluffing game Flummoxed, where players take it in turns to invent definitions for foreign-language words and identify the correct ones. For your chance to win, share your views via Visit for details. S 1 T 2 P 3 S 4 T 5 S 6 B 7 A R R I O U 8 R A L I C G O D O B B F 9 A I M C 10 O M P U T E R S A I L L F 11 A 12 R O E S E L 13 A T I N N T L 14 U T 15 A M I 16 L M 17 A L T 18 E S E C S M 19 R E R 20 O L L M O P S S 21 K U 22 A N A P S T G O 23 D E N S E O 24 T E L L O A D D N S Y Crossword solution Puzzle page 27 Translators will be interested to know that they are eligible for payments under Public Lending Rights (PLR). Their share is fixed at 30% of the royalty paid, although their name should appear on the title page or they should be entitled to a royalty payment from the publisher. (They do not need to own the copyright.) Incidentally, PLR now extends to cover both audio books and e-books that have been downloaded to library premises for the purpose of taking them away as loans. Application for payments under PLR need to be made online. For more information, see Tim Connell FCIL Know your lending rights A moment of despair IMAGES © SHUTTERSTOCK

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