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30 The Linguist Vol/54 No/6 2017 INSTITUTE MATTERS DIVISIONS & SOC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Crossword no.17 Solution, page 33 Across 1. Language of more than 7 million people in the Iran-Pakistan border area. (7) 5. Their national anthem is 'Der er et yndigt land'. (5) 8. Language also known as Lettish. (7) 9. German slang for something that's expensive. (5) 10. Meaning. (5) 11. From Greek, someone who takes part in a contest. (7) 12. Money in Israel. (6) 14. To bring forward in discussions. (6) 17. Old court of law (where French ladies sat?). (7) 19. But it is not the home of someone from Glasgow. (5) 22. Inuit word for a house. (5) 23. The official language of Ethiopia. (7) 24. French boredom, and world-weariness. (5) 25. Anne Frank, for example. (7) Waste not, want not ALISON AGARNE LEARNS ABOUT THE FASCINATING WORLD OF ENERGY RECOVERY ON A RECENT TRIP If you have travelled along the M40, you may have wondered what the large multicoloured building near Bicester is: the HQ of a software company, a logistics centre? No, it is a waste processing and energy recovery centre run by Viridor, which handles the non-recyclable waste we put in our bins and then hope to forget about. The company never lets waste go to waste and instead transforms it into quality recycled materials and vital renewable energy – representing sustainability in action. Viridor kindly agreed to host the Business, Professions and Government (BPG) Division visit to the centre in Ardley on 20 May, and our group of 18 members and guests were treated to a most interesting afternoon. Traditionally, industrial visits have been popular with BPG members who are also translators, but on this occasion one of our long-standing members was a bona fide expert in waste management, using language skills to work on various European waste recycling projects – yet another area of work where languages are an essential tool of the trade. The visit started with a fascinating talk by Jess Baker-Pike of Viridor's Education and Visitor Centre. She explained the various processes required to turn a lorry full of refuse into energy, and recover anything of use afterwards. Rubbish may not be high-tech, but the skills required to process it definitely are. The visit finished with a walk round the plant, where we could view the impressive machinery and see inside the furnaces producing the energy. In an age when there are so many environmental problems, it was encouraging to witness a success story. Down 1. Weapon used by the gauchos of Argentina to catch cattle. (5) 2. The source of all Romance languages. (5) 3. A reader of this language must know c.3,000 characters to read a newspaper. (7) 4. That part of the Mediterranean Sea between the 'heel' of Italy and the Greek mainland. (6) 5. An official language of Curaçao. (5) 6. French word, goes with art, riche, roman. (7) 7. A South Slavic language characterised by a proliferation of dialects. (7) 12. In linguistics, the counterpart to dynamic. (7) 13. The fifth letter of the Greek alphabet. (7) 15. Greek money until 2002. (7) 16. How Reykjavik natives refer to their country. 18. Finnish for Finland. (5) 20. Little Welsh dog. (5) 21. Musical term meaning that the instrument or voice does not sound. (5)

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