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The Linguist 56,3 – June/July 2017

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Page 30 of 35 JUNE/JULY 2017 The Linguist 31 INSTITUTE MATTERS Fatma Ehab MCIL is a German<>Arabic translator and interpreter based in Dubai. In her native Arabic, she discusses her journey as a professional linguist; for the English version see A life with languages INSIGHTS: (Clockwise from top left) Karen Seago's talk on translating literary prose; audience members; breathing exercises during Gabriela Bocanete's presentation; (centre) four of the new Council members: (l-r) Jaquelina Guardamagna, James Farmer, Rosa Civez-Enriquez and Alistair Bell; Alba Sort's talk on social media; voting at the AGM; networking during a coffee break; and over lunch; and Head of Membership Jane Galbraith's talk with Chief Executive Ann Carlisle (r) present on social networks for marketing purposes, and shared valuable information on how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms more efficiently to create an online profile that is fit for purpose. After lunch, Council Chair Karen Stokes talked about some of the challenges the organisation will face in the coming years, such as the impact of Brexit on linguists, the changing nature of language work in the wake of technology, the task of convincing language services users of the importance of using professional linguists, and the fall in language teaching in UK schools. To conclude, the theme for this year's inspirational Threlfold Memorial Lecture, 'Leadership, Languages and Life: Our challenges for the future', called attention to the importance of encouraging and motivating language learning in the UK. Sally Fagan triggered reflection on the skills and values of true leaders, not only in the linguistic field but in life as a whole. A version of her talk can be found on page 18. Overall, CIOL Members' Day and the AGM fulfilled my expectations as a professional linguist. Now as member of Council, I will be looking forward to the challenge of contributing towards an equally successful event in the years to come. To view seminar slides and audio files from Members' Day 2017, see Notes 1 For more information about the Council members, see ! "#!$%&'(!)*+,-%./.01 2#34 (! ,556",+ 7+8,5479:;<4=<2 &2>#+?3@"A)B"C. D,5"7(E/F7(D4)2. G2.*"HI*5+%J#KLA7 "#!$DM.2"N !"#$%&'" (')*+!,-.+*,*%/01 23) 4'.,"5"61 27*8'*9 :7*,;<=/)-&'9> 6?/7*&<@AB!"C&>9 :A/D4E:!*.>FG%#H G%('=/A/I,,>4J<%=&'K 4(LG%&"<-*9M--N<=O #!"!<&:*9'= 6-6*PO1E!9/EQA/F- $#:2/E,,>R> ) 6!S:P142 ,5QC 4B"RBQF."> !S3B"C. T$CDH1"*"=K -.5. "UOD."< <)2*AAU4!,5Q*+, V1."79:;W 67 */%#89#$:3*$;7$8< =>=> 7 < !*?@$A%/ *"0 , .2008 Deutsch macht Spaß 2016 ,J0 BC5 *"0!*? D*$0E+/F > G7 -&HI#

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