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34 The Linguist Vol/61 No/4 2022 INSTITUTE MATTERS Andrew Belisle Andrew Belisle is a Spanish-English interpreter and German to English translator pursuing an MA in Conference Interpretation at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California. He has worked since 2016 as an interpreter in medical, legal and conference settings. Follow his professional adventures on Twitter @abanion. See p.16 Steven Bird Along with his co-writers Jennifer Pinkerton, Robyn Perry and Manuel Maqueda, Steven Bird is exploring innovative ways to create a world that sustains its languages, particularly the thousands of oral languages that many Indigenous people are keeping strong. He is a professor at Charles Darwin University's Top End Language Lab. See p.18 Elvire Camus Elvire Camus is the editor of Le Monde in English. She started working at Le Monde 10 years ago as a newsletter writer, then joined the news desk of the French website and went on to cover the presidential election campaign of 2017. Before launching Le Monde in English, she was an editor of the French website. See p.14 Trine Garrett Trine Garrett is Co-Artistic Director of Foreign Affairs, a theatre company based in East London that focuses on translation, international exchange and collaboration, and performance in unconventional spaces. Her directing credits include Where I Call Home by Marc-Antoine Cyr, translated by Charis Ainslie, and The Warmhouse by Anna Bro, translated by Paul Russell Garrett. See p.12 Karl McLaughlin Karl McLaughlin FCIL CL is a professional interpreter/ translator and Senior Lecturer in both disciplines at Manchester Metropolitan University. Previously he was Director of the MAIT Programme at Bradford University and course coordinator of the Conference Interpreting MA at La Laguna University. He has also taught interpreting in several European countries. See p.22 Alicja Tokarska Alicja Tokarska MCIL CL is a freelance translator based in Glasgow. She translates from English, Spanish and French into Polish, and from Polish into English. She's passionate about inclusive communication and works mainly in the areas of fashion and textiles, audiovisual translation and sustainability; Twitter @PolkaDotScot. See p.8 Kọ́ lá Túbọ̀ sún Nigerian writer and linguist Kọ́ lá Tú bọ̀ sú n is the author of two collections of poetry, a Yorù bá dictionary of names, two chapbooks, and several works in translation between English and Yorù bá , his mother tongue. He is a Fulbright and Chevening Fellow, the African co-editor of The Best Translated Literature anthology and publisher of See p.20 Robert Woore Formerly a secondary school Modern Languages teacher, Robert Woore is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at Oxford University. His research interests include the learning and teaching of languages in classroom settings, particularly in relation to phonology and reading. He is also interested in the interface between research and classroom practice. See p.10 CONTRIBUTORS but they are the ones finding the way. So what does being a good coach mean? The word 'coach' comes from the Hungarian Kocsi – a large carriage for comfortable travel. Imagine you are a coachman: your job is to help a person reach their destination, not give advice on where to go or how to sit. My job as a coach is to carry them comfortably from point A to point B. That makes a lot of sense. So can I ask you about CIOL? Why did you want to join? I got accredited by the Arab Professional Translators Society and wanted to be recognised by an institute in my other language. I saw how detailed and structured the CIOL membership processes were: I knew there was quality and felt that acknowledgement by CIOL would be a real recognition of my professional achievement. But I couldn't stop there, so I applied for Fellowship. I got rejected at first but was accepted after I had published my book. This shows how careful CIOL is with people going through the membership process. What's next? Naturally, joining Council. As a Council member, I can see what goes on behind the scenes and start paying forward to the community of linguists using what I have learnt over the years. I can't think of a better place to do that – CIOL perfectly fits my values. We're just beginning our journey to become a successful online organisation and your input will really help. But how would you persuade a young person to engage with languages? I would tell them that learning a language not only widens your borders but also gives you far more opportunities and perspectives on the world. It is your door to different cultures, your passport to the limitless. I'd quote Brené Brown, who says language is our portal to meaning, making connections, healing, learning and self-awareness. Having access to the right words can open up entire universes, but without them we struggle to get the help we need. So please learn languages! IMPRESSIVE CAREER Rasha's Standing Tall Without Heels (2020) is a compilation of inspirational stories from women in a wide range of fields © CF PHOTOGRAPHY

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