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30 The Linguist Vol/58 No/6 2019 INSTITUTE MATTERS COUNCIL NEWS Judith Gabler, Chair of Council, outlines the November meeting Travelling into London to join the November Council meeting, I shared a busy Tube with early- morning commuters. A very agitated individual sat opposite, repeatedly crying out for the world to show more tolerance towards people with (sexual) differences and to stop "persecuting humanity". It was a timely echo of the relevance of some of the work CIOL is doing. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) is at the heart of sound corporate social responsibility and our ED&I Committee has developed principles to ensure we adopt a balanced approach. Internally, this regards our employment practices; and externally, it concerns how we strive to have the widest possible representation on our boards and committees, and work only with like-minded third-party partners. ED&I is only one aspect of good governance and our annual review of operating policies, including information security, health and safety, and environmental impact, confirmed that as a professional body we are compliant with statutory regulations. Our Membership Committee reported that we are committed to representing the entire spectrum of the language industry by diversifying and evolving with changing markets both in the UK and internationally. Proposals to ensure we achieve this are under review. Council also received reports from our three divisions – interpreting, translating and business, professions and government (BPG) – and expressed thanks to all the committed volunteers who help us to stay connected with our membership via various activities. In a changing world there is constant pressure to deliver to plan. Therefore, on a practical, forward- looking level, we spent time reviewing our strategic position, the challenges we face, and the imperatives of defining conflicts of interest and what it means for our individual roles as volunteers, as well as identifying and costing priorities for our future evolution. These will develop and be reported on as we move forward. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Across 7 Portuguese currency before the euro. (6) 8 Small Israeli coins. (6) 9 This island's national anthem is La Bayamesa. (4) 10 Something that brings good luck, from Arabic tilsam. (8) 11 An official language of Barcelona. (7) 13 The first five books of the Hebrew bible. (5) 15 Fragrant oil, taken into English from Hindi. (5) 17 People who like to use language! (7) 20 Praise be to God, from Hebrew. (8) 21 Although French is the first language, Bambara is this country's lingua franca. (4) 22 One of the principal parts of a Latin verb. (6) 23 Element named after the Greek word for 'violet-coloured'. (6) Down 1 An important holiday in the Shia calendar. (6) 2 A sort of fish, taken into many languages from Arabic. (4) 3 Danish name for the capital of Greenland, translated as 'Good Hope'. (7) 4 A small drum, taken into English from Hindi. (5) 5 A popular North African dish. (8) 6 Capital city of 9 across, also a fine-quality cigar. (6) 12 Plato's school of philosophy is… of no practical consequence? (8) 14 A Romance language is spoken here. (7) 16 Central text of rabbinic Judaism. (6) 18 Kashabian is a recognised regional language of this country. (6) 19 A sweet drink, from Persian for rose water. (5) 21 Time to visit the south of France. (4) Crossword no.24 Solution, page 25

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