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S 1 Z 2 P 3 R 4 M 5 J 6 T 7 A H I N I A 8 Z A L E A F N C B T R T 9 A L C A 10 M B I T I O N R D I R M B 11 I S T 12 R O S Y 13 E M E N A R C 14 S A 15 Z 16 U R E P 17 O S S U M 18 S E R N 19 R I C 20 A V A L I E R T 21 O N E L G H I U O M 22 O L O K O D 23 E N T A L T N N A A N 32 The Linguist AUGUST/SEPTEMBER INSTITUTE MATTERS DIVISIONS & SOCIETIES September STUDY WEEKEND 5-7 September Hanover Royal Hanover, 300 years after the accession. For details contact TALK ON TEFL Saturday 20 September Perth Networking lunch and presentation on Teaching English as a Foreign Language. October LUNCH & TALK ON MENTAL HEALTH INTERPRETING Saturday 4 October YHA Manchester, 11am-1pm Public service interpreter Philippe Muriel gives a view of working in mental health (for details of his recent Interpreting Division talk, see report, right). An optional networking lunch GER SCOT NW In better health? ANDREA DURISTOVA FINDS OUT ABOUT THE CHALLENGES OF MENTAL HEALTH INTERPRETING AT A RECENT ID EVENT KEY DIVISIONS Business, Professions & Government: Interpreting: Translating: SOCIETIES Cambridge: German: Hong Kong: Lincolnshire: London: North West: Scottish: Spanish: BPG TD GER LINC HK ID (filled baguettes) starts at 1pm and is charged separately (£5). To book by 26 September email November TRANSLATORS' WORKSHOP Saturday 8 November Frankfurt am Main Email germansociety@ for details. GER TALK ON 'THE POLYGLOT SAVANT' Saturday 15 November Glasgow Lunch, talk and AGM. NETWORKING LUNCH Saturday 22 November Wig & Mitre, Lincoln, midday-4pm For details or to attend, Listings continue on page 33 SCOT LINC Interpreting in a mental health setting can pose many challenges, even for experienced interpreters. Clients are often distressed, confused or frightened, and find it difficult to express themselves, utter illogical sentences or switch from one topic to another without making a link. In such situations, the interpreter's short-memory, concentration and note-taking skills are put to the test. As no two patients are the same and mental health settings may also vary, the Interpreting Division decided, at their April event, to ask the question: 'Interpreting in Mental Health: Is there one formula that fits all?'. The first speakers were Clarisa Carvalho, Manager of the Interpreting Service at Freedom from Torture (FFT) and Caroline Roemmele, an FFT Psychological Therapist since 2006. FFT provides direct clinical services to foreign survivors of torture arriving in the UK, and to protect and promote their rights. It has a number of centres across the country and the interpreting services are managed from London, with up to 7,000 interpreting hours covered each year, even though some clinicians are bilingual. The main languages required are Farsi (for Iran), Turkish, Amharic (for Ethiopia and Eritrea), French, Arabic, Lingala (for the DRC), Tamil, Tigrinya (for Eritrea), Pashto (for Pakistan and Afghanistan) and Dari. The Scottish Society continues to meet four times a year, alternating meetings between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Perth. At each meeting, members have lunch and then hear a presentation by a speaker. At our February meeting in Edinburgh, Committee member Graeme Hutchinson gave a talk on Sorbian, a minority Slavonic language spoken in eastern Germany. This introduction to the language, culture and society, included the sounds of Sorbian and Sorbian folk music. At our May meeting in Dundee, Geoffrey Armitage spoke on Italian peoples and languages. He gave an overview of the linguistic history of Italy, highlighting certain variations and offering insights into the speakers of these variations and the regions in which they live. Events in Scotland UPDATE FROM THE SCOTTISH SOCIETY Puzzle, page 32 © THINKSTOCK CAM LON SCOT SPAN NW

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