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Vol/53 No/4 2014 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER The Linguist 31 INSTITUTE MATTERS As a graduate in German and Music, I was drawn to the communications role at the Institute because of my interest in languages and language-learning. I joined in February this year and share office space with the membership team – Soheila Dayani-Phillips, Paul Whitehouse and Jack Sellen – although I work across both CIOL and IoLET. I was thrown in the deep-end during my first week, as it coincided with an away-day to continue work on the strategic plan – a great opportunity to get a feel for the direction in which the organisation is going, as well as to meet members of Council and the Trust Board. This meant that faces were already familiar to me at the Institute's AGM a week later. On the CIOL side, one of my first projects has been to organise Members' Day, which takes place this year on 11 October at the British Medical Association in London – an ideal venue, I'm sure you'll agree. A speaker is booked for the Threlford Lecture, and the seminars are falling into place. It promises to be a great day for us all. For IoLET, I have been organising the Awards Ceremony which takes place in November, and I am about to start work on getting nominations for the winner of the Threlford Cup. Sadly, though, it is not all parties. I have also overseen the production of new business cards for staff, Council and Trust members; new folders for IoLET; reprints of leaflets and branded pens; and a branded photo of the London offices for Ann Carlisle and Alan Peacock to take as gifts to contacts on their recent trip to Hong Kong and China, which were very well received. An important part of my role is to ensure consistency of branding across the organisation, and the new website and updated documents will reflect this, as well as advertising and other marketing materials. I have joined the Editorial Board of the The Linguist and attended my first meeting in June. I am looking forward to finding ways to cross-promote the organisation and the magazine. My first few months have been a real pleasure. Everyone at the Institute has been warm and welcoming, and I already feel a valued member of the team. I am proud to be part of an organisation that has, at its heart, communication across language barriers and cultures. Open communication WHY OUR NEW COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING MANAGER, DEBBIE BUTLER, HAS GOT OFF TO A GREAT START 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Across 7 Ground sesame seeds. (6) 8 Shrub named from Greek 'dry'. (6) 9 A soft mineral. (4) 10 From Latin, 'a going around' (to secure votes). (8) 11 French brasseries, named from Russian 'quickly'. (7) 13 This country reunified in 1990. (5) 15 Blue. (5) 17 New world marsupials, from Algonquian 'white animals'. (7) 20 From French for knight, it means 'careless'. (8) 21 It might be falling in Chinese. (4) 22 Milk in 'A Clockwork Orange'.(6) 23 Pronounced with the tongue touching the back of the teeth. (6) Down 1 You might see a lion on one. (6) 2 Metallic element, possibly cognate with 'tine'. (4) 3 He takes part in 14 down. (7) 4 'My master' in Hebrew. (5) 5 Originally something thrown onto the floor. (8) 6 Saint who translated The Bible into Latin. (6) 12 A perennial herb, artemisia dracunculus. (8) 14 A Spanish spectacle. (7) 16 This fanatic was a member of a 1st century Jewish sect. (6) 18 The language of this ancient civilisation is sometimes called Eteocretan. (6) 19 It's Japan in Japan. (5) 21 Bluefin or skipjack? (4) The answers to clues in italics are arguably all derived from the primary language of 13 across. Crossword no. 9 Answers page 33 Don't miss out on the early bird discount for Members' Day on Saturday 11 October at BMA House in central London, with the Threlford Memorial Lecture by Eleanor Sharpston, Advocate General at the EU Court of Justice. Email: MEMBERS' DAY DISCOUNT

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