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Vol/53 No/1 2014 FEBRUARY/MARCH The Linguist 15 FEATURES Preparation is paramount and learners should practise with past papers as much as they can. A high quality of both English and the other language is required, so they also need to practise their spelling and syntax. The CBS handbook has useful information and advice regarding the criteria and exam. Candidates may be given the opportunity to work, either in a paid or unpaid position, as a bilingual worker in order to gain experience. Such activities enable learners to practise and enhance their language skills. Yacob Yonis, Head of French A-level/CBS, The Manchester College Is the CBS for you? Ann Carlisle, Executive Director IoLET, gives an overview of the exam and how to register In an increasingly globalised world of work, the ability to speak another language is essential. Almost every young person embarking on a career today will find themselves working alongside other language speakers here in the UK, interfacing with customers/visitors who speak another language, or spending a period of time in a country where English is not the main language. The status and use of English as a global language will mean that anyone with competence in a foreign language will be unlikely to use that language in a purely monolingual, immersive environment. Therefore the ability to work across languages, transferring information from one into the other, will be highly valued. The Certificate in Bilingual Skills (CBS) tests candidates in English and another HIGH PRAISE (Far left) Baroness Coussins and Ann Carlisle (centre) pose with the prizewinners holding their awards; and (left) CIOL Chair of Council Keith Moffitt (centre) and President Nick Bowen (r) thanked Tim Connell (l) for his dedicated service as Vice-President, as it was announced that he was retiring from the role Tips from a tutor language in the key skills required of people operating in a multilingual environment. As an example, customer-facing roles typically require these sorts of skills: interacting with other language speakers (unit 1: transfer of information); explaining orally in one language the content of written materials in another (units 2 and 3: sight translation); and providing written translation of documents from one language to another (units 4 and 5). An A-level equivalent award, the CBS establishes a benchmark of language competence for schools and individuals seeking recognition, and a route to qualification for practical, cross-language skills for the workplace. For information on how to register, fees, training centres and other details, see A LL PHOTOS : © C HRIS C HRISTODOULOU

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