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FEATURES The big fat languages quiz Were you paying attention this year? Test yourself with our questions on all things languages related in 2013 1 Which famous seven-year-old, the daughter of a former Hollywood couple, reportedly started to learn Chinese? 2 What is magic Hands? 3 name the spanish-language us box-office hit from pantelion Films, which the distributor followed with romcom Man of Stone, also in spanish. 4 A record number of 76 countries submitted films for the Academy Awards' Foreign language Film category 2014. but which three nations entered movies for the first time, and which one returned after an absence of 50 years? 1 2 3 4 What's the scandal? Government and politics Why was there a furore over the following? 1 the silver economy. 2 Inferno. 3 Matthew ha'n Eskisyow Glaw. 4 ikea's gosa raps pillow. 5 puttana Aziendale tonic water. 1 Which public service organisation is offering 40 hours of lessons in one of 18 languages to 31,000 members of staff? 2 Which government department is hoping to increase speakers of mandarin and Arabic by 40 percent and of latin American spanish and portuguese by 20 percent through its training programme? 3 Which english translation department celebrated its 40th anniversary this year? 4 in october, the uk government banned what kind of test from being carried out in a foreign language and why? 'CelebrAndo el primer título de lA temporAdA', JuAn Fernández, 24/8/08; 'keAnu reeves 2013 tiFF (Cropped)', gAbbot, 10/9/13 (CC bY-sA 2.0); 'Clotilde_Hesme', georges biArd, 2008 (CC bY-sA 3.0), All viA WikipediA Sport 1 Which Welsh international footballer was advised to up his language lessons from three a week to five, after a €1m transfer to real madrid (pictured) in september? 2 Which footballer, reportedly fluent in six languages, made his debut for everton in september, on loan from Chelsea? What links… 1 Arc, peirene, Haus publications, And other stories, portobello books and Harvill secker? 2 twerking, omnishambles and babymoon? 3 eleme, nahuatl and uyghur? 4 losing a stone in weight, going outside more and learning a new language? 5 Inspector Da Luca, Borgen, The Bridge and Arne dahl? 26 The Linguist DECEMBER 2013/JANUARY 2014 © istoCkpHoto Popular culture identify the faces and what they are doing in our language related quiz. 'AmAzonA AestivA - pet in ArgentinA', pAblin79, 15/11/08 (CC bY-sA 2.0) viA FliCkr Who's who Mixed media 1 Which newspaper teamed up with the british Academy in August for a two-year campaign to increase awareness of the need for languages and language learning? 2 in which four languages was a special 4 July edition of the Lincolnshire Echo published and why? 3 Why is Japanese broadcaster nHk being sued for 1.4m yen (£9,300)? 4 fuse Fm is the first licenced radio station in the uk to broadcast in which language?

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