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Despite the well- known issues with some agencies, most linguists do work with them at least some of the time. So how can relations be improved for the benefit of freelancers? In this issue we hear from two project managers, the first breaking down the 'them vs us' dynamic (p.26), and the second looking at the pressures translation agencies face, and how linguists can understand and capitalise on this (p.28). Further practical support for freelancers comes from Justine Raymond, who makes the case for talking openly about rates (p.7); and a team working on a support model whereby interpreters help each other to cope with the emotional challenges of the job (p.13). As we continue to look for ways to involve young people in our work, I am pleased to feature an article by a translator who is still at school, as Amy Lawson examines her linguistic choices when approaching a poem by Anja Kampmann (p.12). A state school student with no languages background, she was inspired by her participation in the Stephen Spender Prize, which motivates pupils and teachers in myriad ways (p.10). We plan to maintain this relationship by publishing an article by one of the prize winners – selected by The Linguist team – each year. Also motivating young learners is Wales's Global Futures programme, which promises to teach English, Welsh and another language to all young people in Wales from the time they start school. Gerard Pitt considers the programme's achievements since it was launched in 2015, and its plans for the next three years (p.20). Miranda Moore 4 The Linguist Vol/62 No/1 NEWS & EDITORIAL CHAIR OF COUNCIL'S NOTES As my time as Chair of Council comes to an end I would like to share a few reflections on where we find ourselves. As CIOL – the only Royal Charter body for language professionals, linguists and language lovers in the world – we are passionate about shaping and sustaining a world which values every language, every culture, every linguist. In my time, we have brought to greater prominence our crest, which embodies our motto of Universal Understanding and captures this same spirit. Without professional interpreters and translators, multilingual educators, standard setters, cultural navigators and practitioners in business, journalism, humanitarian aid and politics, who could connect the world and bring different languages, cultures and perspectives into our workplaces and homes, so we can stay informed and interconnected as global citizens? While there are still economic and financial clouds on the horizon, it is not without optimism that we look to what we can achieve in 2023. We are excited about our unique strengths as a Royal Charter body. Work is under way to scope new qualifications and certifications to make us more accessible to the international community, and more attractive for linguists in commercial and business spheres. To support the growing diversification of linguist roles we have made our CIOL Code of Professional Conduct more inclusive, and we are working on our pathways to membership for early-career linguists and affiliates. I want to thank everyone who has been part of my journey within CIOL, including all the members of Council, committees and volunteers I have had the honour of working with and, in particular, John Worne and his team for their support and commitment. I wish the very best of luck to Steve Doswell, my successor, and look forward to remaining an active member of CIOL and the global community of linguists we are proud to support. Judith Gabler We are delighted to announce that Steve Doswell MCIL CL has been elected by vote of CIOL Council to follow Judith Gabler as Chair of Council. Steve has degree-level French, diploma- level Spanish, intermediate German and continues to learn Slovene. "I would like to support and serve the Chartered Institute of Linguists by ensuring that Council continues to provide CIOL with the high standard of governance it has achieved under the present Chair. I look forward to bringing to the role an understanding of the mission, priorities, workings and leadership of professional and membership bodies from my experience as CEO of the Institute of Internal Communication, and in voluntary roles over many years," he said. "Languages and cultures have been a central feature of my life – in work, through living abroad and in my personal life within an Anglo-Caribbean household – and I am delighted to be a part of Council which embodies this in its own composition," he continued. "As Chair of Council, my aim will be to use my own experience, background, passion and commitment to encourage the whole governance team to champion CIOL, uphold the terms of its Charter, support CIOL's management, and serve the best interests of its members." Steve will take on the role when Judith's term ends at the AGM on 3 April 2023. EDITOR'S LETTER Share your views:

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