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With support from Editorial Board member Eleni Pavlopolous, we have been thinking for some time about how we might support and encourage young people on our pages – not just with content that may be of interest to them, but also with practical opportunities. So I was very pleased to be contacted by an A-level student with an idea for a fascinating and, I think, very useful article. I'm reluctant to identify the feature, lest the age of the writer affects the way readers approach what is a very well-researched and well-written article, but inquisitive readers will work it out by a process of elimination. We have several articles written by professional linguists about their fields of work: Ben Kohn opens up the world of fixing for sports media (p.10); Sue Leschen reveals the challenges of working on a case of coercive control (p.18); Jonathan Downie explains why remote working is making church interpreting a viable career option (p.12); and Bokani Hart discusses the dangerous implications of a lack of language skills among UN peacekeepers (p.7). John Worne's conversations with inspiring linguists continue to provide food for thought, with sports journalist Chris Dennis taking the seat this time (p.34). I made the mistake of telling my 15-year-old about a similar Q&A with Duolingo's Luis Von Ahn only after it had happened (p.24); he had lots of questions, such as whether Luis uses the app himself. It was another reminder that we need to involve young people in our work as much as we can. Finally, don't miss our 'gift idea' reviews (p.28) – there are some real gems to be found. Wishing you all the best for the New Year! Miranda Moore 4 The Linguist Vol/61 No/5 NEWS & EDITORIAL CHAIR OF COUNCIL'S NOTES This issue of The Linguist closes out 2022, and opens up a brand new year. While different cultures and traditions – and timezones and latitudes – live the seasons differently, one thing I think we can all hope for is greater global peace and understanding in 2023. All generations and ages have known their troubles. And set against the sweep of history, perhaps the last few years haven't been that exceptional. But living through them, it has felt like that at times. In 2023, I will come to the end of my second term as Chair of Council. There will be plenty of time to look back once I have safely passed the mantle to a worthy successor. But for now the main focus for me is maintaining my optimism and that of those around me – and there is much to be optimistic about. We have a successful new CIOL qualification in the CertTrans, about which I say a little more in Council Notes (p.38). Despite the gloomy economic context in many countries, our members continue to renew their membership and stay part of the CIOL community – and new members join us every single day. We also have some exciting new partnerships – you can read about our link-up with Duolingo in this issue (p.24) – and we are working more and more with universities and university language centres in the UK and internationally on qualifications, standards and accreditation too. Finally, I would like to thank all the contributors, writers and interviewees, as well as our Editor, Miranda, and the Editorial Board, for another great year of The Linguist. I am always happy to get a 'sneak peek' when the proofreading schedule comes around a couple of weeks before each issue lands. My season's greetings to you all, and let's hope for more peace and Universal Understanding in 2023. Judith Gabler EDITOR'S LETTER Share your views: The main focus for me is maintaining my optimism and that of those around me – and there is much to be optimistic about

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