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32 The Linguist Vol/60 No/3 2021 INSTITUTE MATTERS A life with languages In English and his native Cantonese, Ivan Hon explains how his multicultural background led to a varied career in languages and an interest in current affairs from a global perspective I grew up in Hong Kong and have always had a strong interest in learning different languages. Having the opportunity to live, study and work in different language and cultural environments – in HK, the US, Japan and, since 1999, the UK – has given me the ability to speak, read and understand several languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese and French. I have also gained extensive experience in interacting and working with people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. This inspired me to use my languages in my career, working with and liaising between people 水平,以及在Mary Ward 中心评核学 生的中英文翻译能力;我翻译和修改全 球中国学术院的网站及学术活动的资料, 以及为伦敦政治经济学院的台湾研究计 划室翻译研究资料和評論学术论文。 我觉得自己的工作很有意义,因为我 能够利用自己的语言和文化方面的能力, 知识,经验和洞察力,来做一些专门的 工作:这包括研究和比较不同的文化,思 想,价值观和宗教,並写相关的文章, 及评论有关文化和历史问题的学术论文。 我也很高兴,那么多年来,能够帮助很 多不同语言,文化,心态,价值观和思 维方式的人,互相理解和沟通。 但是,我在弥合不同语言和文化的人 之间鸿沟的工作中,也遇到了很多挑战 和困难,包括不同思维方式,心态,观点 和价值观的人之间的误解,理解对方的 困难和冲突等。 Research Programme at the London School of Economics. I find my work rewarding because I have been able to use my language and cultural skills, knowledge, experiences and insights in accomplishing specialised works. This includes doing research on and writing about different cultures, ideas, thoughts, values and religions, and commenting on academic papers on cultural and historical issues. I am glad to have helped many people with different languages, cultures, mindsets and values to understand and communicate with each other. Nevertheless, I also find many challenges and difficulties in my 及在网上观看不同地方,以不同语言 制作的新闻和时事评论。这使我得到 很多广泛的主题和内容的信息,及很 多不同的观点。 我的爱好和休闲活动包括阅读, 在线观看各种节目和旅行,这些都涉 及语言。我的多种语言和文化能力, 使我能够阅读不同语言的书籍和资料 who speak different languages in various contexts; and interpreting English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) for public services (e.g. hospitals, social services, housing, law firms and courts) and business in London for many years. In addition to working as a freelance interpreter since 2004, I also assess the Chinese speaking and writing level of military personnel for the UK Ministry of Defence, as well as the translation abilities of students at the Mary Ward Centre. I translate and edit the website of the Global China Academy and the materials of its academic activities, as well as translating research materials and commenting on academic papers for the Taiwan attempts to bridge the gaps due to misunderstandings, the difficulties in understanding other people, and conflicts between people with different perspectives and values. My hobbies and leisure activities, which include reading, watching various programmes online and travelling, also involve language. My multilingual and cultural abilities enable me to read books and materials in different languages, and watch news, commentary and current affairs shows made in different countries and languages. This gives me a lot of information, covering a wide range of topics, events and perspectives. 我从小对学习不同的语言,有很浓厚的 兴趣。我在香港长大,曾经在香港, 美国,日本和英国等地生活,学习和工 作 (我在1999年来英国)。由于我有 机会在不同的语言和文化环境中生活, 学习和工作,这使我能够说,阅读和理 解數种语言,包括英文,中文,日文和 法文等,以及累积了很多与来自不同语 言和文化背景的人交流和工作的经验。 这使我想在自己的工作中,使用自 己懂得的语言。因此我用不同的语言 (英文,普通话,广东话和日文等), 在各种不同的情况下,与说不同语言的 人工作和联系交往。自2004年以来, 我一直担任口译员,为伦敦及邻近地区 的公共服务(医院,社会服务,房屋, 律师事务所和法院等)及商业翻译英语 和汉语(普通话和广东话); 我评核英 国国防部的军事人员的说和写中文的

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