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INSTITUTE MATTERS CONTRIBUTORS Nicholas Botfield Nick Botfield works at the University of Surrey and provides technical research support to three EU-funded projects on interpreter training. See p.14 Peter Clark is the author of Istanbul and Dickens's London, a Trustee of the International Prize for Arabic Fiction and a Contributing Editor of Banipal. He has translated literature from Arabic. See p.12 © GRAHAM FUDGER Peter Clark Work in progress FROM ORGANISING CPD WORKSHOPS TO SPEAKING AT UK UNIVERSITIES, JACK SELLEN DISCUSSES HIS BUSY ROLE While my job title has more syllables than a haiku, it is nevertheless accurate in describing the diverse duties I enjoy within the Institute. As Professional Development and Membership Services Officer, I am responsible for our continuing professional development (CPD) programme, as well as helping volunteer members organise numerous events through our divisions and societies, and lending a hand to colleagues in the Membership department with other duties. Due to the nature of the role, days are rarely the same. On any one morning I might find myself welcoming delegates to a CPD workshop, on my way to a meeting with contacts at a university or other organisation, or at my desk catching up with administration. This variety makes the job very gratifying, but working with so many different people is what really makes working at the Institute special. Although my colleagues at Saxon House are not many in number, they make up for it in knowledge and expertise – especially regarding languages and the industry, as one might expect. Since I joined the Institute in November 2010, I've learned a great deal from them. It is also the commitment of our members that impresses me. Those who volunteer on the committees of the divisions and societies, in particular, show such great enthusiasm and 34 The Linguist dedication, which is evident in the varied and engaging events they run. I assist with the planning of those events and help things to run smoothly on the day. Visiting universities to represent the Institute at careers events allows occasional travel. Astonishingly, I had not heard of the CIOL until the closing weeks of my Translation MA, so I make it my duty to spread the word to language students as much as possible. Running the CPD workshop programme with only minimal assistance has been a challenge but, thanks to the efficiency of the trainers and able leadership from Alan Peacock, I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far. Every workshop requires a lot of preparation in order to offer the best possible experience to delegates. I love reading the feedback – it helps us to improve, too. We ought to practise what we preach after all. There is a great range of workshops on offer these days, with substantial discounts for members (see for our CPD Programme for 2013). I firmly believe lifelong learning should continue to be championed by the Institute. To this end, I am working with colleagues here and outside the Institute to develop online registration for our workshops, which, as well as being useful for members, will give me more time to achieve the progressive developments we have in mind for CPD. APRIL/MAY Roger Cooper FCIL, a Cold War Russian interpreter, later worked as a journalist in Canada, Iran and Afghanistan. He now writes and translates, mainly from Persian, and lives in Spain. See p.20 Anika Klüver Anika Klüver has a degree in English literature, Spanish and Celtic Studies and works as a freelance translator, editor and writer. See p.8 Jessica Moore Freelance journalist and editor Jessica Moore is a former Acting Editor of The Linguist and co-Founder of WM Editorial ( See p.16 Catherine Slater Dr Catherine Slater is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Surrey, and a practising freelance translator. See p.14 Luke Spear The author of The Translation Sales Handbook, Luke Spear is a freelance translator specialising in IT and founder of, a resource related to the business of translation. See p.22 Rosie ter Beek Rosie ter Beek MA works at the European Commission, translating from Estonian, German, Swedish, Hungarian, Danish and French into English. See p.24 © HANA VALYI Roger Cooper

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