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Q How do you promote the Finnish language and culture in the UK? A You can actively connect with the Finnish culture at the Finnish Institute in London – a non-profit trust linking communities, individuals and organisations. This year's focus is 'Future of Work, Borders, Sustainability and Well-being'. Its contemporary art prize, Below Zero, offers a Finnish artist a one-month residency in London, mentoring and the chance to show their work at a London gallery. For the institute's 10×10 Stories from Finland campaign, 100 books written by Finnish authors were translated into English, including modern masterpieces and classics such as the epic Kalevala. The books were donated to 10 libraries around the UK. The Embassy of Finland was a major partner in this project, along with seven publishers. Posters around London are currently promoting the Finnish word hän. This is part of a campaign about equality (, with the idea of thanking English, French, German, Spanish and Swedish languages for their loanwords, and spreading awareness about equality. The third-person singular pronoun hän is neutral in terms of gender and social @Linguist_CIOL OCTOBER/NOVEMBER The Linguist 11 FEATURES Embassy insights status, so it represents equal opportunity. Q What is the role of the Suomi (Finnish) schools in the UK? A They support bilingual children's language learning and teach expatriate children about Finnish culture. Around 20 Finnish schools currently operate in the UK, accommodating 500 pupils, 200 adult learners and 70 teachers. We focus on supporting language learning, especially in Finnish-British families, and strengthening the Finnish identity. The Finnish Institute, UCL's School of Slavonic and Eastern The Finnish Ambassador to the UK, HE Markku Keinänen, talks to Romana Sustar about Portuguese culture and language in the UK European Studies, the University of Edinburgh and other bodies also offer language courses. Q How diverse is Finland? A Finland is a rather ethnically homogeneous country with cultural minorities, including Ingrian Finns and Karelian speakers. There are around 300,000 Swedish-speaking Finns, 12,000 Roma and 10,000 Saami. Q If you could teach the UK one thing from Finnish culture, what would it be? A Sauna. There are more saunas in Finland than cars. The idea is to take time for yourself and reflect. There is a famous Finnish saying: Build the sauna, then the house. HE Markku Keinänen became Ambassador to the UK in June. Twitter @MKeinanen. For details of Finnish events, see Council member Romana Sustar MCIL CL is a multilingual Digital Marketing Manager. Twitter @RomanaSustar More than 20,000 Finns live in the UK, most of them in London. Finland gained autonomy from the Russian Empire in 1917, diplomatic relations with the UK were established on 28 March 1918 and the UK officially recognised Finland on 6 May 1919. Finland currently holds the six-month rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, with a focus on the climate. FACT FILE: FINLAND ARTISTIC IMPRESSIONS Finnish photo exhibition about winter swimmers at Europe House; and (inset) Markku Keinänen

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