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professional development and enable you to connect with other practising linguists through cIoL's various member and specialist networks. A new benefit that IoLet Affiliates will find particularly useful is the cIoL mentoring scheme. this gives you the opportunity to match with a cIoL member who is able to mentor you as you prepare to take your professional examination and the next steps in your career path. there is a range of discounts for training webinars, books and software designed to help you enhance your knowledge and expertise. Joining cIoL as an IoLet Affiliate is also your first step to becoming a chartered Linguist. on successful completion of the Diptrans, DPSI or DPI, you will automatically be eligible to upgrade to associate member, and if you have the requisite work experience, you could even fast-track to full membership and becoming chartered. At present, there are more than 1,200 IoLet Affiliates preparing for one of our highly valued qualifications. these are our professional members of the future, who are on their journey to becoming chartered Linguists. We would like to hear your views on how we can support you, so please don't hesitate to get in touch via Visit to find out more. Notes 1 resources vary depending on the qualification you are studying; see for details. 30 The Linguist Vol/57 No/5 2018 OPINION & COMMENT The successful student Make the most of your membership while studying, as CIOL's Head of Membership launches a new column for IoLET Affiliates the IoLet Affiliate grade was introduced in September 2016 following cIoL's review of its membership model, which resulted in the launch of the now well-established membership pathway. It was created for linguists preparing for our three flagship qualifications – the Diploma in translation (Diptrans), Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) and Diploma in Police Interpreting (DPI) – as well as the certificate in Languages for Business and the certificate in Bilingual Skills, all offered by cIoL's Awarding organisation, the IoL educational trust (IoLet). candidates preparing for any one of these qualifications are required to join cIoL as an IoLet Affiliate. What do IoLet Affiliates gain from cIoL membership? Among the most important benefits are guidance and resources to support candidates preparing for their exams. those taking the Diptrans, DPSI and DPI have access to past exam papers, training videos, examiners' reports, preparation seminars and links to source texts 1 via the qualifications tab at If you are looking for a preparatory course provider or examination centre, you can use our online search facilities. As well as this very practical support, membership of cIoL offers a range of benefits and services to help raise your professional profile, support your JANE GALBRAITH Links online VASILIKI PRESTIDGE Translator Vasiliki Prestidge MCIL CL handles social media for CIOL's Business, Professions and Government Division. She shares her tips for integrating social media marketing into your daily routine. Marketing yourself is crucial to your career success, but it is one of those tasks, like bookkeeping, that can cause a lot of stress if it doesn't come naturally to you. So how can you become better at social media marketing without spending too much time on it or losing your cool? technology comes to the rescue, but it is nothing without human input. You can use free online platforms, such as hootsuite, to manage and monitor your social media channels on one platform. It allows you to link three social media channels for free, and schedule posts to go out whenever you want them to. You could be busy translating 10,000 words but hootsuite will be posting on your behalf. I recommend devoting one hour a week to scheduling in the posts for that week. try to schedule posts to go out at interesting times, such as 11.23am and 1.08pm, rather than bang on 10am or 3.30pm. this way posts seem more human and less robotic. Not sure what to post about? check out bloglovin, a free online platform where you can log all your interests, from French and cooking to maths and fashion. every morning, it will show you freshly published news and articles relevant to your interests. Just posting won't help though. the anatomy of the perfect post is different every time, but there are general golden rules to follow. If you are reposting someone else, give them credit by tagging them. If a web address you're sharing is too long, use bitly, a free url shortener. use relevant hashtags for your industry, such as #xl8, #1nt, #legal or #business, for better post performance. check the tone of your post: is it nice, fun and useful? Great! Is it slightly sarcastic and too long? It'll get lost in cyberspace. Share your thoughts @Linguist_CIOL using #TheLinguist. © ShutterStock

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