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The Linguist 57,4 - August/September 2018

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"% (>%+A0 A H[\` ! H[IH a "%,7%"G O(*J"=% H[Ib "DX#8%&%& cV(D="9%+2 _=0=%4#!Z %+T .D7)((%# F71%BL 9! H[IH (D7 " "% "F(Y#(%?/$%V OA!%=/ZX% @% %#XY.3LE ()X# O H[\] #%%%,!7X %,!,,M!4 #&%..&; ^)V&% &/ -%+T_=(P) (> @Linguist_CIOL AUGUST/SEPTEMBER The Linguist 33 INSTITUTE MATTERS 'W hy linguistics?' is a question I was often asked during my studies. For me the answer has always been easy: linguistics is the core science. Politics, business, psychology and law depend on language for survival and development. Computer science and artificial intelligence borrow linguistic properties to revolutionise our world. As a child, I noticed how language could trigger anger and discord, or amity, warmth and devotion, a notion that drove me towards studying English translation (BA, 1991) and linguistics (MA, 1997). I worked hard to become a self-employed sworn translator under the supervision of the judiciary, which holds infrequent nationwide exams comprising target-language knowledge, legal translation from/to Farsi, an interpretation test, interview, professional eligibility probing and training. Successful candidates vow to be loyal to ethics, impartiality and confidentiality. I started my certified translation agency in 2003, specialising in contracts, documents, degrees and certificates – a job with a major challenge: verifying the veracity A life with languages In her native Farsi, Raheleh Ghiasvand Ghazvini MCIL CL discusses her journey from childhood fascination with linguistics to legal interpreter, sworn translator and translation supervisor of original documents. I was the Principal Inspector of IACTI (Iran Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters) from 2006 to 2012. In 2011, I moved to London with my husband and children. I needed more in-depth knowledge and support from an internationally accredited institute, and joined CIOL in 2012. Sadly, in mid-2012, both my parents got seriously ill and wanted me by their side during chemotherapy. In 2014, we came back to London, where I established my Farsi Translation Service. As a linguist, I was appointed a Parent Governor of a school in Westminster. In December 2015, my family's indefinite leave to remain application was affected due to the two-year absence from the UK, and I had to start over in Iran. I signed agreements with oil/gas law firms for legal translation/ interpretation at courts, notary public offices and arbitration centres. In 2017, I received a publication licence from Iran's Ministry of Culture based on tests and my translation records. Recently, I've arranged a team of translators under my supervision for translating and publishing books in certain areas, especially the environment: I am a nature lover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d#C7% H[IH D=# 7E#)% B) ")&%% )OY O(D) H[I[ #D 7/" X%,!B%E7XcV *2%(*$ 0e &S+"+.a CIOL

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